Slow and steady


After a few more hours hard graft in the sunshine!

Having a few days off now.   We’re not giving in just yet though.  Weather permitting, we will be there, weeding, every day next week.

If I had a pound for every time someone has walked past and shouted “slow and steady”…!   Easy to say when your allotment is well established and producing lovely veg.  One day…



Weeds, weeds and more weeds


Last night was the first time we were “down at the allotment” after work.  It’s only a short drive (if we’re feeling lazy).  We have no shed and no lock on the gate, so have to carry all our tools (and coffee) around with us.   So, with a plan to do an hour every night, we got cracking.

To be honest, it was really easy for me.  I just sat with a flask of coffee and watched!

Anyway, we have a huge raspberry bush (is it a bush?) and a fruit tree.  Not sure what fruit, could be apple, could be pear?!  Also enough carpet to re-carpet a whole house.  I’m not much for toads though.  I dread to think what else is living in there.

We (Mr K ) are pulling the weeds up and just piling them up the corner.  Is this the right thing to do?  We’ve been told we’re not allowed to burn anything until October, so think we may need a bit of weed killer.

Mr K has been busy!

Loppers at the ready!  Mr K has made a start and already we can see what’s in that jungle!  I’m hoping there is not an actual bungalow, which is what our kind-hearted allotment neighbour hinted at!

Thing’s we need.

1. A shed

2. A greenhouse

3. Garden tools.  We currently have a shovel, a trowel, some borrowed loppers and bare hands.

4.  Good weather.

5.  Time.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Welcome to the jungle!

We have the keys, have chosen the plot, now we just need to get on with the hard work.

And hard work it will be!

The saying “can’t see the wood for trees” springs to mind.

For novice gardeners, this is going to be interesting, fun, hard work and satisfying, at least I hope so!