The mound is gone!

The Mound has gone!
The Mound has gone!

Apart from feeling like these photos are a bit boring and “samey” I have to post more, as we have finally got to the end of The Mound.

After much sweat and tears (blisters, sharp glass and irritation!) we have finally cleared the far corner.

I’m not posting the photos taken from the other angle, as we have now made another huge pile of rotten tree, but I’m saving this for BURNING SEASON.  Something to look forward to!  We have a huge wood pile already, so 1st October will be like bonfire night on our plot!

Having unearthed a smashed up greenhouse, lots of animal remains and general litter, I just hope when we’re digging down to bury some of the rubbish, there’s nothing else under there!

This weekend, we are going to get the gate fixed and padlocked, start laying out some sort of plan, and hopefully, get the path areas covered with weed stuff.  See- you can tell I know what I’m talking about.

Have not got a blinking clue.


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