It’s getting there!

We have been going down to the allotment when we can.  Mr K spent his day off there last week, sunning himself, but did loads of the heavy lifting and chopping!  He’s getting a gardeners tan too!

It’s getting there!  So everyone says!  Although our plot is starting to look like a rubbish tip, due to the “bag mountain” now building up.  We have bagged up all the weeds, roots, rubbish, carpet, old weed membrane etc and will probably need another 20 trips to the local recycling centre.  Oh well, one bag at a time… Just wish there was a regular rubbish collection on site.

One of Mr K’s Father’s Day gifts is already proving useful as I had no idea what to do with the aubergine plant we were given.  DK Allotment Handbook


It’s now been “potted on” and growing nicely on the kitchen window sill.

Finally, I noticed these little beauties last night!  Something other than weeds is actually growing!



5 thoughts on “It’s getting there!

  1. Lovely to see your Raspberries.. I picked 4 which were ripe today 🙂 .. Loads on the bushes yet to ripen.. And Loganberries .. That Book looks a very useful gift too..
    So pleased you are enjoying my blog too…
    I didn’t see your update, so I am pleased you left a reply comment so I came to see what was new.. 🙂
    Have a good weekend..

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  2. the first year is always the hardest.. And the Loganberries are doing well this year in our plot.. Last year was a great year for raspberries but we cut back in the autumn and so next year they will be better .. Enjoy your Summer. Hugs Sue


  3. We’ve had loads of raspberries without really doing anything, which has been great! It’s seems a shame to leave them, as I’ve only picked a few bags. I’ll cut them back and hopefully we’ll have a bumper crop again next year! Thanks for following the blog 🙂


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