Winter break and planning!

It’s time to face up to it!

Having not been to the allotment since the end of October, we are going to take a look at what’s been happening over the Winter months this weekend.

My spy tells me a fence had blown down (but he propped it up!) and we have cabbages!  At least I think they’re cabbages!  No photos yet, sorry!

I’m looking forward to going and I’m sure there will be lots to get on with, weather permitting.

2016 Wishlist 

  • Shed
  • Patio area
  • Bench
  • Potting bench
  • Greenhouse
  • Fruit trees

Mr K is going to build a shed!  We have more than enough wood to recycle…not sure he will let me participate though, as I have a feeling it’s going to be a definite ‘man cave’.

I bought him this for Christmas The Shed, which had us in stitches!  It’s worth a read, definitely!

Now, who knows how to plan an allotment from scratch, build a shed and where to find a free greenhouse!



Bring on the bonfire!

We have not been able to get down the allotment due to work and the dark nights -hiss! – but finally started to burn some of the rubbish we had piling up around us!

The plan is to build a bonfire and invite some friends round on 5th November!

We also got a some ‘thing’s to plant from our neighbour.  Having no idea what to do, he just said “plant them”.  So I did.

Bonfire in progress
Bonfire in progress
Fire Pit
Fire Pit

The mound is gone!

The Mound has gone!
The Mound has gone!

Apart from feeling like these photos are a bit boring and “samey” I have to post more, as we have finally got to the end of The Mound.

After much sweat and tears (blisters, sharp glass and irritation!) we have finally cleared the far corner.

I’m not posting the photos taken from the other angle, as we have now made another huge pile of rotten tree, but I’m saving this for BURNING SEASON.  Something to look forward to!  We have a huge wood pile already, so 1st October will be like bonfire night on our plot!

Having unearthed a smashed up greenhouse, lots of animal remains and general litter, I just hope when we’re digging down to bury some of the rubbish, there’s nothing else under there!

This weekend, we are going to get the gate fixed and padlocked, start laying out some sort of plan, and hopefully, get the path areas covered with weed stuff.  See- you can tell I know what I’m talking about.

Have not got a blinking clue.

Still lots to do

Trying not to lose motivation, so after taking a week off, we spent a couple of hours down the allotment.  

It’s surprising how much we notice the little changes and although we didn’t even touch the huge mound of soil in the corner, we got digging! 

We need to get a move on, still lots to do before the dark nights descend on us.



A quick update, with photos!  

Still, scouring eBay and Gum Tree every day looking for a shed, but no luck yet!

So far, we’ve got a “wood store”, “brick corner”, still got the huge mound of “good quality soil”, up the other corner, and not much else!IMG_1607

Huge pile of soil!
Huge pile of soil!
Chainsaw massacre!
Chainsaw massacre!
Wood...wood and more wood
Wood…wood and more wood


We love it!  I’ll post more photos soon…back to digging!

It’s getting there!

We have been going down to the allotment when we can.  Mr K spent his day off there last week, sunning himself, but did loads of the heavy lifting and chopping!  He’s getting a gardeners tan too!

It’s getting there!  So everyone says!  Although our plot is starting to look like a rubbish tip, due to the “bag mountain” now building up.  We have bagged up all the weeds, roots, rubbish, carpet, old weed membrane etc and will probably need another 20 trips to the local recycling centre.  Oh well, one bag at a time… Just wish there was a regular rubbish collection on site.

One of Mr K’s Father’s Day gifts is already proving useful as I had no idea what to do with the aubergine plant we were given.  DK Allotment Handbook


It’s now been “potted on” and growing nicely on the kitchen window sill.

Finally, I noticed these little beauties last night!  Something other than weeds is actually growing!


“Free weeds – Please pick your own!”

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, so thought it was time for an update!

It’s hard work but rewarding – although it seems such a long way off until we can actually eat the rewards!

I find myself sitting at work, wishing I was at the allotment, gloves on, tools in hand… roll on the weekend!

Allotment 27 before and afterAllotment 25Allotment 32

Gift from neighbour!
Gift from neighbour!

Slow and steady


After a few more hours hard graft in the sunshine!

Having a few days off now.   We’re not giving in just yet though.  Weather permitting, we will be there, weeding, every day next week.

If I had a pound for every time someone has walked past and shouted “slow and steady”…!   Easy to say when your allotment is well established and producing lovely veg.  One day…


Weeds, weeds and more weeds


Last night was the first time we were “down at the allotment” after work.  It’s only a short drive (if we’re feeling lazy).  We have no shed and no lock on the gate, so have to carry all our tools (and coffee) around with us.   So, with a plan to do an hour every night, we got cracking.

To be honest, it was really easy for me.  I just sat with a flask of coffee and watched!

Anyway, we have a huge raspberry bush (is it a bush?) and a fruit tree.  Not sure what fruit, could be apple, could be pear?!  Also enough carpet to re-carpet a whole house.  I’m not much for toads though.  I dread to think what else is living in there.

We (Mr K ) are pulling the weeds up and just piling them up the corner.  Is this the right thing to do?  We’ve been told we’re not allowed to burn anything until October, so think we may need a bit of weed killer.

Mr K has been busy!

Loppers at the ready!  Mr K has made a start and already we can see what’s in that jungle!  I’m hoping there is not an actual bungalow, which is what our kind-hearted allotment neighbour hinted at!

Thing’s we need.

1. A shed

2. A greenhouse

3. Garden tools.  We currently have a shovel, a trowel, some borrowed loppers and bare hands.

4.  Good weather.

5.  Time.

Slow and steady wins the race!